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Got black sidewalks? A grimy driveway? Mold-streaked walls?

Skilled, Affordable Pressure Washing Service in ST Cloud FL: Are you looking for the best pressure washer St Cloud, FL has to offer? Is your HOA breathing down your neck . . . sending you letters . . . asking you to clean up your property? Or is your mom-in-law giving you that over-the-glasses look that says, “Dude, when are you gonna clean up this pool deck?

before and after pressure washing st cloud florida
A professionally cleaned driveway, before and after. Go on, zoom in.

Our Pressure Washing Services in Central Florida


We offer a full range of residential cleaning services, including:

  • House and Outbuilding Walls: stucco, vinyl, brick, Hardiboard, etc
  • Roofs: tile, shingle, slate
  • Screen enclosures, lanais, and pool decks
  • Outdoor furniture, including deck chairs, tables, and umbrellas
  • Driveways, sidewalks, and walkways: brick, concrete, stone, etc
  • Boat docks
  • Our House Pressure Washing in St Cloud does it all!
  • Mobile homes
  • RVs and campers


Our commercial services cover both retail spaces and multi-unit residential complexes.


  • Graffiti removal
  • Rust removal
  • Efflorescence removal
  • Architectural foam cleaning
  • Playgrounds
  • Awnings


We typically follow the same process for flat concrete surfaces whether the area to be cleaned is at a residential site or on a commercial property. Our technicians first pre-treat the area with a solution that contains detergents and surfactants, and they allow the solution to dwell and work. Following the pre-treating, they use a state-of-the-art commercial grade pressure washer to power wash the area. They may use a wand in small spaces, but usually they will use a surface cleaner that looks like a big disc with a long handle. This piece of equipment contains a spinning bar with at least two pressure-washing nozzles. The water shooting through the nozzles on the spinning bar accomplishes the high pressure cleaning.  


Yes, we clean roofs! Asphalt shingle, tile, slate, EPDM, rubber, and other commercial roof materials.  

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high pressure cleaning florida
Professional pressure washers simply have more expertise and experience.
Pressure washers aren’t all created equal!

Wait, you say. I’m just going to rent a pressure washer from the home improvement store down the street and do the work myself. I’ll save a ton of money that way, and you know, money doesn’t grow on trees, so this will be good. Plus, I don’t get that much exercise during the week, so this can double as my work out. Money savings, a work-out, and a little sun-tanning . . . I got this! We aren’t sure what your view is, and yes, you could do that. Definitely. It’s an option. We aren’t new to this. And from our view here’s another option: hiring a professional high pressure cleaning company to do the work. No matter what your view, the work needs to get done and chances are there are other things you could do besides spending your time buying  a new washer to get the job done.


A quality professional pressure washing company will do your job more thoroughly than you can and in a third to a quarter of the time. We aren’t just saying that. Our experience side by side with our observation of do-it-yourself homeowners bears it out. Professional pressure washers come in with hundreds of hours of experience under their belts and industrial-grade equipment that beats rental equipment (or homeowner machines) hands down. Many companies also use solutions to pre-treat and post-treat tough areas, with specialized products to apply on specific stains (like fertilizer stains, rust, battery acid, and oil). When quality professionals have finished a job, the work has been completed with thoroughness, excellence, and consistency.

Lasts longer

Using pre- and post-treatments together with professional equipment, the result is a longer lasting clean.


As experienced professionals, pressure washers set up and execute the task three to four times faster than you would.

A thorough job

The result is a thoroughly cleaned surface area.

high temp water pressure washing

A homeowner that has pressure-washed his or her driveway probably starts out with the intent of being thorough, excellent, and consistent. But it doesn’t take long for fatigue and tedium to set in and despite the best of intentions, the quality of work begins to deteriorate. The back-and-forth wand strokes become wider apart and less thorough. It may look decent at day’s end, but four months down the road, it’ll look crummy because those strokes will be visible as mold grows back. The same job done by a professional pressure washer, using pre- and post-treatments and a round surface cleaner with multiple spray nozzles, will be done in a fraction of the time and will last longer and not eventually exhibit the ugly striping of an old wand job. To sum up, while homeowners can definitely do the weekend-warrior thing and pressure wash their property (and save some money), hiring professionals to do the same work will result in a more thorough clean that will last longer. Rely on a top level service provider to help you get the help you need. We cover the city and outskirts of Orlando too as well as Kissimmee, and we have years of experience. So, if you are located in Kissimmee, or Orlando especially along the Narcoossee corridor, give us a call or send us an email.  Our email is: although it always better to call since we are often on a job site. Don’t get us right away? Leave a message, we are great about calling you back. You can leave us details about your power washing project, like I need my house power washed before we paint. We are painting next week, can you get to us quickly?

We don’t have to tell you about the impact of Florida’s weather and climate on your exteriors. You can see that for yourself! The rain and humidity and warm air all combine to make perfect mold-growing conditions, and no surface can resist. Stucco, brick, stone, wood, vinyl, slate, tile, and concrete: they all are hosts that welcome mold, from green to black to gold to orange.  Keep your building from unnecessary repair. You see mold on roofsótile, shingle, slate, rubber, composite, and every other type of roofing material–, exterior walls, window glass, resin, wood trim, architectural foam, pool decking, brickwork, concrete drives and walkways, awnings, building canopies, playground equipment, pool furniture, and the list goes on. Why pressure wash those surfaces to keep a property clean? We thought you’d never ask.


Enhanced Curb Appeal

A property that is sparkling clean looks cared for, inviting, valued, and protected. A property with moldy walls and black concrete looks neglected, sad, and undervalued.


Buyer Attraction

A buyer looking to purchase a home will always be drawn to the property that is clean more than to one that is moldy.


Higher Home Value

A property appraiser will value a clean home higher than a moldy home. Neighboring homes will also enjoy higher values.


Accident Prevention

Moldy driveways and sidewalks can become very slippery, especially when wet. Clean sidewalks and driveways avoid that risk and the subsequent risk of lawsuits.


Healthier Environment

A moldy environment produces spores that travel through the air and into vents and air ducts. People both outside and inside inhale the spores and can develop respiratory issues.

Along with our recommendation of hiring professionals to pressure wash your property, we also recommend instituting an annual or semi-annual clean. For homeowners, we recommend semi-annual (twice yearly, in the spring and fall). For property managers of apartment or condo complexes, we recommend annual water pressure cleaning. We’re all human, and as such we tend to forget tasks that should be done regularly but infrequently; like semi-annual or annual cleans. It’s often out of sight, out of mind. (Although, if your driveway is black, we hope it’s not out of sight!) We recommend that our customers use their mobile device calendaring apps to schedule reminders to have their properties pressure washed. We suggest they do this in the same way that they would input a regular medical check-up or a yearly HVAC maintenance visit. Clients who don’t use calendaring apps or a traditional calendar can remind themselves in other ways. We suggest mentally linking annual pressure washing projects to another annual home maintenance task, like the HVAC clean or spring window washing. Linking together periodic but regular maintenance tasks helps homeowners remember to get them all done.

There are a zillion pressure washing companies out there, so it can feel a bit daunting to select the right one for your job. Here are some tips.

Tip #1:

Pick us. If you do this, you can skip all of the following tips!

Tip #2:

Ask your neighbors or co-workers for recommendations. Word of mouth can be the best way to find a good company. Your friends won’t recommend a company that they were unhappy with.

Tip #3:

Do an online search for “pressure washers near me.” That’ll bring up all the companies in your local area.

Tip #4:

Assemble a list of three to five potential companies, made up from the information you get from your friends and from your online search.

Tip #5:

Go through your list and call each company. If all you need cleaned is a driveway and sidewalk, measure those for square footage, then call each company and get a quote for the work (over the phone is fine). If you need any more cleaned than the basic sidewalk and driveway (for example: whole house wash, pool deck clean, deck furniture, screen enclosure, roof, sidewalk, and driveway), call for an on-site estimate. These should be free. If a company charges for an estimate, cross them off your list.

Tip #6:

In your call for a price quote or on-site estimate, ask if the company is licensed and insured. This is a must. Do not hire a company that doesn’t have these credentials. When they come for the job or the quote, ask to see a copy of their license and insurance. Remember: the insurance is for your protection. If their pressure washing technician accidentally shatters the Waterford Crystal garden globe hanging from the shepherd’s hook near your driveway, you want their insurance to pay for that, not your wallet.

Tip #7:

Ask if the company does pre-treating or uses chemicals. Some companies use a combination of cleaning techniques, including soft-washing. This is a low-pressure clean that makes use of a chemical solution rather than water under high pressure. Ask about this just so you’re in the know about the techniques they plan to use. If they will use chemicals, ask if chlorine or bleach is involved, and if so, how they will protect your plants and landscaping from damage.

Tip #8:

Ask for referrals. Get phone numbers and call those people.

Now that you have those tips, you can be confident about your ability to choose a quality company that will treat your property responsibly and safely. We hope, of course, that you will choose our company for all of your pressure washing needs! We are licensed and insured, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers that will attest to the high quality work we do. You can look around our website and learn about the various processes we use for cleaning surfaces, and about our equipment and treatments.

Power Washing

– We’re a local business and we’re proud to be a part of the Saint Cloud, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Narcoossee, Orlando and Waterford Lakes communities that we have served since the 90s.

Our residential projects can be as small as cleaning a driveway that fronts a modest home to executing a top-to-bottom scrub on a multimillion-dollar estate. We clean driveways, sidewalks, stepping stones, concrete curbs, exterior walls, retaining walls, porches, patios, screen enclosures, pool decks, roofs, lawn furniture, gazebos, awnings, boat houses, and boat docks. Commercial jobs run the gamut from storefronts to entire condo associations. We clean sidewalks, gutters and curbs throughout entire communities. We clean signage, entryway structures, common area concrete, community pool houses and decks, restaurant awnings, retail roofs, playgrounds, perimeter fences, school buildings, and tennis courts. Industrial projects can be an interior or exterior warehouse clean, a hose-down of a water treatment plant, or anything in between. We clean roofs, ceilings, ductwork, scaffolding, pads, runways, plant floors, warehouse walls, train cars, and truck fleets. Basically, whatever you need cleaned, we can handle. We’ve been around for years, and we’ve earned a reputation of being honest and reliable. Our clients know that we deliver what we promise.

high pressure cleaning company

We show up when we say we’ll show up, we stick to our schedule, and we complete jobs when we say they’ll be done. If an act of God occurs that keeps us from working, we are in quick communication with our clients about resuming the work asap and getting the job done as close to the original completion date as possible. We promise to treat our clients with dignity and respect. We are guests on your property. We handpick our technicians, hiring the ones that we know will treat you with friendliness and professionalism. We promise a job that is excellently done with attention to detail. We treat your property as if it belonged to us.

The technicians on our team are experienced and professional. Our guys and gals are trained to carry out jobs thoroughly, efficiently and excellently. They’re also friendly. Now, this isn’t a prerequisite for most companies, but it is for ours. We intentionally build service teams with people that will treat our clients with respect, kindness and a quick smile. That’s the type of person we would want on our own personal properties, so that’s who we hire to be on your property.

Saint Cloud is our Home Too!

Our reputation for consistently excellent work, great service teams, and above-par communication are the reasons why so many of our clients are repeat customers. Ready to get your job done? Give us a call today. We’ll come out and give you a free, no-obligation quote. If you agree to it, we’ll get your job on the schedule and get that baby taken care of.

  • We provide top-quality service and excellent customer care.
  • Regardless of whether we're doing a residential clean, a commercial clean, or an industrial project, we bring the same attention to detail to all of them.
  • If you are looking for a local pressure washing service "near me," we are local and can support you in the city or outside the city.
  • It's hot outside, let us do the tough jobs for you.
  • We use top-rated, best in class, products to service your home or business
  • Our goal is to ensure safety and be highly reviewed and regarded service provider, fast to quote and show up.

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